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Tour Adumim is your one stop tour/program coordinator for the Adumim Region, situated just 15 minutes from Jerusalem and on the road to the Dead Sea. Whether you enjoy desert activities, museums, factory tours,archaeology, artist studios or fine dining - we have an exciting program for you!
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Unique Programs

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Sample Itinerary for Fun Day in Adumim

Begin at spectacular desert lookout and learn about the region; geography, biblical connection and demographics.
Take a 1.5 hour ATV excursion into the Judean Desert
Meet a local Beduin and ride on camels
Eat lunch at the new luxurious Design City
Visit the Castel Museum of Art for fun family program or enjoy one of the unique workshops!

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Shelley Brinn

Wadi Kelt Tour

  • View of  the sixth-century cliff-hanging complex, with its ancient chapel and gardens, active and inhabited by Eastern Orthodox monks.

  • Visit neighboring community of Mitzpe Yericho together with stained glass studio

  • Tour the Good Samaritan Mosaics Museum (Jewish synogogue floors as well as early Christian churches and Samaritan synogogues)

  • Meeting with local Beduin

    Programs       for Seniors   

10:00 am. Spectacular Judean Desert Lookout with explanation

10:30- Visit to the Moshe Castel Museum of Art with guided tour

12:00- Beduin Hospitality

13:30- Lunch at Luxurious New Design City

14:30- Ethiopian Aliyah Story- Hear the amazing aliyah story of local Ethiopian resident. Tastings of authentic Ethiopian food.

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Desert Survival Workshop-Learn how to survive in the desert: camoflauge, make  water from plants, build a shelter, start a fire with flint, improve time management and teamwork. 1-1.5 hour workshop in the Judean Desert.for family groups and  organizations.

MAKE-Innovation and Technology-Make a unique product using latest technology- 3 D printers, laser cutters, and more. 1.5 hour workshop. Up to 15 people.

Shepherding 101

Go out with shepherd and his flock of sheep and herding dogs.. Learn the art of shepherding using special dog commands. Drink tea in the desert. Hear about shepherds in the Bible. 1.5 hour workshop.

Mezuzah Making Workshop-Learn about the history and significance of the mezuzah, create a mezuzah case from wood and deocorate it with guidance of olive wood artist, Uri Kalfa.

desert survival workshop



Tour Adumim

Shelley Brinn

My wife and I spent the day with Shelley and had a great time. Shelley knows her stuff and is very informative and fun to travel with. We rode with her in her car which is the way to go. She is a wealth of information. I highly recommend that if you want to travel in the Adumin area, this is the way to go. Make sure you rent the ATV’s and drive in the desert.

Mark and Nancy Schiff

Comedian, Los Angeles

My husband, Rick& also our son, Steven, and his little girl,our granddaughter,Natalie,
thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and places you took us to when we participated in Kovi Lightman's bar mitzvah celebration August 23-24.Everything you organized was full of fun And learning and we wanted to express our appreciation to you.

The Lightman Family

, Teaneck, New Jersey

We had a blast!  It was the perfect day. Thank you very much. 

Lewis Family


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