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Tourist Sites in Adumim

Maale Adumim 

The Moshe Castel Museum of Art

The permanent exhibition of Israeli sculptor and painter, Moshe Castel, housed in a beautiful building overlooking Jerusalem, designed by world famous architect David Resnik. Characteristic of Castel’s work is the use of rich colors, basalt rock and ancient Hebrew letters. Creative children's program available for groups. Waffle Bar Restaurant adjacent to museum.

The Monastery of Martyrius

The well reconstructed remains of this  fifth century monastery was once one of the most important centers of monastic life in the Judean Desert during the Byzantine period. The monastery contains many rooms as well as a mosaic floored dining room, outer wall and external guest hostel  which supplied accommodations for the many pilgrims.

Good Samaritan Inn Museum

The only mosaic museum in the country and one of only three in the world. Mosaics and other artifacts unearthed in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are displayed at the museum. The museum offers mosaic workshops for the entire family as well as fun activities for children while parents are touring the museum.


D citu2.jpg
magic kass.jpg

Design City (DCity)
The largest and fanciest design mall in Israel. Over 150,000 square meters which include 200+stores, a restaurant piazza and luxury hotel.  


Magic Kass Amusement Park
The largest indoor amusement park in Israel with a huge variety of rides, simulation areas, video games, well-equipped gymboree, roller coaster overlooking the Dead Sea, shops, and daily shows for the whole family.


George Shaeffer Music Conservatory

The Maale Adumim music school for children of all ages under the leadership of Dr. Benyamim Shapira. The conservatory serves as a pilot program in music education for the entire country and is the home of the youth orchestra as well as guest performers.

innovation center 1.jpg
cyber center.jpg

"Make"- The Innovation and Cyber Centers of Maale Adumim
Eductional Centers for the advancement of technology and creativity. At the "Innovation Center", groups will create a product using latest technologies such as 3-D printers and laser cutters. At the "Cyber Center", visitors will learn how teens "attack" and "defend" using cryptic codes.

The Monastery of Euthymius

A fifth century monastery, located in the industrial center of Maale Adumim. Founded by the hermit Euthymius “the great” as a lavra (small-celled monastery), it later became a larger communal form. Impressive remains of immense water supply complex.

The Cafit Lakeside Restaurant/Lago Meat Restaurant

Two restaurants situated on the lake in Maale Adumim.

Private rooms available for groups


Beduin Encounter
Sit with local Beduin on hilltop overlooking the Judean Desert. Learn about Beduin lifestyle, the roles of men and women, food, music, and much more. Drink Beduin tea and make pita together.

The Yishai Army Base/ The Duvdevan Army Bases

Two army bases are located in the Adumim region. The Shai army base is connected to the tank division and the Duvdevan base is an elite information gathering unit working exclusively in Judea and Samaria.

The “Good Lanes” Bowling Alley

Bowling alley located in the Mishor Adumim Industrial Park. Billiards and other games available on site. Bar with food options. Group and party deals. Israel Trivial Bowl now available with prizes!


The Maale Adumim Swimming Pool

The Maale Adumim “country club” consists of an indoor and outdoor pool, large outside grassy and shaded areas where barbeque pits have been installed. Members of the country club also have unlimited use of a gym, sauna, and spinning room. 

The Birkat Moshe “Hesder” Yeshiva

A large yeshiva campus able to accommodate over a hundred students wishing to combine army service with Torah studies. Located in the Mitzpe Nevo neighborhood of Maale Adumim.

The School of Space and Aeronautics

One of the two specialized high schools in the country which offer programs especially geared for serving in the Air Force. The high school in Maale Adumim also houses a star observatory with programs open to the public as well as a children’s planetarium.

Kfar Adumim

Blue Dye Tzitzit Factory-Ptil Techelet

An educational factory for the processing of blue dye used in the making of the tzitzit. Explanations are accompanied by film and hands on activities. 

Trekteron Jeeping

Guided trips in the open terrain of the Judean desert on self-driven dune buggies. Unique feasts in the desert, rappelling, and rock climbing programs available. 

HaCnaanite Meat Restaurant

A new outdoor meat smokehouse restaurant with an authentic bread oven (Taboon). A variety of grilled meats and salads. Group menus available.


Eretz Merdafim Desert Inn

A desert camping site for groups located on the road from Maale Adumim to Kfar Adumim. A variety of desert activities and excursions available.

Ptil Techelet Factory

Experience the process of making the blue dye for the tzitzit. Movie and demonstration,tzitziot and tallitot on sale.

Artist Galleries

There are a number of artists in the Kfar Adumim area. Cathy Kerner and Jeremy Kimchi welcome groups into their wood art studios. Yoel Benharrouche creates his paintings at his local studio as well as Rafi Landau who fashions Judaica from silver.



Genesis Land \ (Eretz Bereshit)

Biblical desert simulation where guests are greeted by Eliezer, Abraham’s servant and ride down to Abraham’s tent by camel. Dinner is served using ingredients prevalent in Biblical times. A variety of activities are available for groups such asmosaic workshops,pita baking,pottery restoration and writing in ancient Hebrew script.


Ein Maboa Nature Reserve

A unique spring in the northern Judean Desert. The middle spring of the Nachal Pratt riverbed. Ein Maboa offers a hiking path, waterfalls, a picnic area, a natural pool, caves, mosaic floor and shop run by the Nature and  Parks Authority. A wonder of nature,the natural pool fills up and empties out naturally as a siphon.


 Mitzpe Yericho

The “Chain B’Midbar”

Tea House

On the upper edge of the Wadi Kelt Nature Reserve, overlooking a desert view, the tea  house hosts groups and offers various programs.


Wadi Kelt


Wadi Kelt (Wadi Qelt) is part of a chain of streams, Nachal Ein Prat,  running west to east across theJudaean Desert , originating near Jerusalem and terminating near Jericho. Wadi Qelt is home to a unique variety of flora and fauna. St. George's Monastery and one of the oldest synagogues in the world, Shalom Al Yisrael Synagogue. Wadi Kelt offers hiking and swimming, as well as a large waterfall

Artist Studios

Gila Kopel’s glass art studio ( ERGA) is located on one of the hills within Mitzpe Yericho. There, one can see how she creates her art as well as make purchases in the adjacent shop.

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