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Family Fun Day

For half day- choose 2-3 activities plus lunch, for full day- choose 4-5 activities+lunch.

Activity Options: ATV/Jeeping excursions into the Judean Desert, Eretz Bereshit program with camel riding or camel riding alone, Mezuzah making workshop, Scavenger hunt at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art, Desert skills survival workshop, Honey making workshop, Mindfulness in the Desert workshop, The Good Samaritan Mosaics Museum, spectacular lookouts and nature sites. Send me your choices and you will receive pricing based on number of people in your group.

Suggestions for Bar-Mitzvah Program
Begin your day at breathtaking lookout of Jerusalem and Judean Desert-Learn about the biblical connection to the region, the entrance of Bnai Yisrael into the land, the prophets and kings who were here...
Meet "Avraham " and "Eliezer" and hear their story, ride on camels to "Avrahams" tent and receive hospitality....
Make original mezuzot at Uri Kalfa's workshop..
Have a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants...
Explore the Judean Desert by ATV or jeeps.. or learn desert survival skills with local madrich.
Learn about shepherding with Abdullah the Bedouin or honey making with Orel at the Eitan Pre-Army Mechina
Send your details for exact pricing...

Organizations and Employee Fun Days

Half or full day option

Judean Desert overlook with explanation of historical, biblical, geopolitical significance

Site seeing tour of Maale Adumim-it’s history and important landmarks


Desert Experience : Choose between: jeeping and ATV excursions, Desert Survival Skills workshop, camel riding, Beduin hospitality and shepherding, drum circle.


Lunch at Caffit on the Lake

(dairy) or at Cnaanit Smokehouse/ Yoel's Smokehouse ( Meat) 

Workshop: Choose betweenmezuzah making, honey making, mindfulness in the desert

Afternoon Program: Choose between: visit to Ptil Techelet Blue-Dye Factory, spectacular lookouts ( Jericho and Judean Desert or ancient monastery built into cliffs of Judean Desert), local artist studios, Ein Maboa Spring, The Good Samaritan Inn Museum, Guided tour of the Moshe Castel Museum of Art, or Ethiopian Aliyah Story with tastings of Ethiopian food.


Send your details and preferences to receive exact pricing.  

ptil techelet 3.jpg

4.Nature Lover's Day Program


Start your morning at the Judean Desert overlook; receive an explanation of biblical, geographical, and historical significance of area.


Session in meditation or tai chi or breathing followed by a healthy brunch at Cafit at the lake. 


Add a desert experience - shepherding, herbs and food preparation, walk in the flora and fauna, navigational skills, desert art and music OR hiking /bicycling on wadi trails. Include a mosaic workshop at The Good Samaritan Inn OR Art workshop at The Moshe Castel Museum of Art


Picnic Lunch at Ein Maboa Nature Reserve with guided tour. Swimming seasonal


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Specialized "Boutique Programs"



Enjoy a personalized guided tour of the Moshe Castel Museum of Art, meet with local artists with international markets: Choose among Gila Kopel- stained glass artist, Kathy Kerner and Jeremy Kimchi-wood artists Yoel Ben Harrouche-painter and Rafi Landau-silver Judaica. Visit the Shomroni HaTov Mosaics Museum. In-between, see the spectacular desert views and learn about the area's history, demography and biblical connection. Lunch at lakeside café OR luxurious new DCity OR authentic chumous restaurant. 

castel 2.jpg


Meet at spectacular Judean Desert Lookout and learn about the area, the demographics and biblical connection. Visit a local archaeological site and walk down into a Byzantine Period water cistern.  Ride camels and participate in a desert survival skills workshop at a beautiful nature reserve. Lunch at chunous restaurant, lakeside cafe or new luxurious DCity.

chava berkower1.jpg

3. The Maale Adumim

Industrial Park Tour

Visit  innovative industries in the Maale Adumim Industrial Park, walk around the new luxurious DCity, hear the story of Founder’s Hill, speak with various workers and factory owners in the Industrial Park, visit remains of ancient Byzantine Monastery and participate in a mezuzah making workshop or shepherding experience.


Lunch at chumusia, worker's restaurant or DCity Piazza.

D citu2.jpg
uri's workshop.jpg


Meet at a spectacular Judean Desert Lookout and learn about the area-geography,biblical connection

and history. Enjoy camel riding in the Judean Desert and participate in a Desert Skills Workshop. Visit a Judean Desert Byzantine Monastery and meet a local Beduin resident over tea and pita.


Lunch at home-made chumous restaurant, lakeside dairy cafe/meat restaurant, new luxurious DCity..



Look out into the Judean Desert and hear about the Biblical events that occurred there. Visit 

the impressive remains of two monasteries from the ancient Byzantine Period, and see the 

mosaics and artifacts from the area at the Good Samaritan Museum. 

Ride camels and meet biblical characters at Genesis Land. Eat a biblical dinner in Abraham’s Tent.

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