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Tour Components in Adumim

Whenever en-route from Jerusalem-Dead Sea , Jerusalem-Kinneret


  • “Aleinu” Rooftop Agriculture- Participate in a guided tour of innovative hi-tech Israeli industry which developed a technique to grow organic herbs and leafy vegetables on the rooftops of the industrial park.

             Price range: 35-50 shekels/person, length- 45 minutes


  • MacMull Hand-Crafted Guitar Factory-Visit the factory of Tal and Amit, 2 young Israeli musicians who make customized guitars for an international clientele. Learn the process and enjoy Israeli sing-along. Tourists will receive a magnet holding a “MacMull guitar”.

              Price range: 40-60 shekels/person, length -1 hour


  • Chalva and Techina Factory Tour with Samplings-Learn the process of making the very best chalva and techina using sesame from Ethiopia. This factory supplies the famous chalva stand in Machane Yehuda market. Tourists can taste and purchase products.

             Price range- 10 -20 shekels/person- length- 30 minutes


  • Judean Desert Lookout-Family Activity

              Certified tour guide will lead group in hands-on activity                   for understanding geography of area and where Biblical               stories took place.

              Price range: 20-50 shekels/person  Length: 30 minutes


  • Nature Hike at Ein Maboa Nature Reserve-Enjoy natural springs and pools, swimming, flora and fauna, nature activities, and learn about unique “siphon” phenomenon which occurs naturally.

              Price range: 20-50 shekels/person, length- 1-1:30 hours


  • Mosaics Museum- Shomroni HaTov- Visit the joint project of 3 religions and the only mosaics museum in Israel, mosaics from Byzantine Period synagogues and churches from Judea, Samaria and Gaza plus artifacts. Mosaics workshop optional. 

              Price range: 40 shekels, 10 shekels for mosaic                           making, length- 1 hour, 1 :30 if make mosaics. Children                 in group get half price off entrance fee.


  • Moshe Castel Museum of Art-Visit the only museum in Israel which houses the permanent exhibit of the paintings and sculptures  of the Israeli artist, Moshe Castel, 20 minute overview of Castel’s life and artwork in English , special creative children’s program

             Price Range: 30 - 40 shekels/person. Children’s program              extra


  • ODT Program in Judean Desert- Participate in army simulation and group challenge program with trained madrichim and with the use of Air Soft army simulation weaponry.

             Price range: 40-80 shekels/person, length- 1.5 hours-2                  hours


  • Visit with an  Israeli Artist at Work –Visit and speak with an authentic Israeli artist. Choose between wood art, stained glass, silver Judaica or Kabbalistic painting . All sell internationally. Tourists can purchase artwork at discounted prices from studio.

             Price Range: 10-20 shekels/person   Length-half hour-                  hour



  • Coffee and cake at Lakeside Caffit Restaurant-Enjoy cake and coffee in a private room with a lakeside view . Room may be used for panel discussion, lecure, , group presentation/summation.

             (Variety of speakers available: ie. JP journalists and                        editors, educators, Rabbis, specialists on the Beduin,                    environmental issues in Israel)

             Price range-40-50 shekels, length-unlimited, speaker                    extra



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