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After living in the Adumim Region for over 20 years, we decided that the time had come to reveal the secret treasures hidden in this magical area. We asked ourselves how it was possible that people, living even as close as Jerusalem, were not familiar with the amazing activities available here as well as the breathtaking desert views. We wondered why no one was spreading the word and decided to take action and hence, Tour Adumim was born!


To prepare ourselves for our new business, we spent many, many hours, speaking with local tour businesses and city officials and visiting the different venues. We take pride in building working relationships with them and making it a win-win enterprise. 


Tour Adumim coordinates tours and events in Maale Adumim and the surrounding region, providing customized tours and programming for groups that vary in ages, interests and budgets.


Tour Adumim  also offers some unique programs that are not available to the general public. Being creative makes this job exciting and developing new ideas for programs seems to be an ongoing process.The truth is that the more we explore, the more we discover here and so far, there is no end in sight!

For those visiting either Jerusalem or the Dead Sea, a stop in the Adumim Region is highly recommended whether for a few hours or a full day. Meet the people who live in this region and take advantage of the many and diversified activities available for both Jewish and Christian groups.

Let Tour Adumim, the local experts, plan an unforgettable experience for you!


Hope to see you soon in Adumim!


Shelley Brinn, director

Tali-Frank Horwitz, co-founder 




Where is the Adumim Region?

The Adumim region is conveniently located along the route between Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the road to the North; also known as Routes 1 and 90. Just ten minutes from Jerusalem, the landscape transforms from an urban sprawl  to the breathtaking landscapes of the Judean Desert. The Adumim Region comprises a large area which includes the city of Maale Adumim as well as the smaller communities of Kfar Adumim, Nofei Pratt, Alon and Mitzpe Yericho.

In between there are large areas of desert, making it a perfect venue for desert recreation with tourist services nearby.


What types of activities are available in the Adumim Region?

The Adumim Region is the home to nature reserves and waterfalls, recreational and sports activities, museums, archaeology, innovative industries, artist’s studios, country dining, and much more. In addition, there are exceptional people to meet -journalists, educators, beduin, Palestinians, artists and musicians,city officials, politicians and innovators.


What services does Tour Adumim offer?

As a veteran resident of the area, I work with the local sites and tourist services to coordinate prices, times, and activities, while keeping an eye on the needs of my client. I also offer a forum of speakers and tour guides for your group's individualized interests.

For more information or to coordinate a fun, educational, day in the region, please contact us .....








Co-founders,Tali Frank Horwitz left and

Shelley Brinn, center

at a visit  to Genesis Land

Beduin worker speaking to group in Maale Adumim

Group meeting with city official

            Monastery at Wadi Kelt

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